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Abstract Rays

Villain, Interrupted


Meet Gina, a therapist working in a prison for super-villains - determined to turn every last one of them into a Hero. Things don’t go exactly to plan... 


In a new play exploring redemption, rehabilitation and the nature of evil (but funny), Gina plunges into the prison system for powered people and is forced to question everything she believes in. Her charges include King Cobra; a venomous female drug baron, Lady Injustice; two teens fused into one body, and Ink Lord; able to bring art to life and angry enough to burn the world down. From Daddy issues (therapy staple) to toxic masculinity, Gina grapples with problems she’s ill-equipped to face. Will they see the error of their ways? Or is the error Gina’s, in thinking they’re redeemable?

Villain, Interruped - Camden Fringe
Cast & Crew
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