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Dolls in Amber cares deeply about the mental health of all the people we work with, and it is something that is consistently at the forefront of our minds. Due to that, we have created our promise to you and those we work with. 
Click Here for our Mental Health Promise


We often run 'Writers Lunches', both on and offline, to read and discuss work in an open, fun and non-judgmental environment.
4-5 writers will bring 10 minute shorts/ excerpts (any genre for stage, screen or other!) which actors will read through before a group discussion/ feedback session.
Although we're not currently running any lunches, we're looking to do so again in the future, so if you're a a writer, director, dramaturg or actor, please drop as an email at if you'd like to get involved!


Video 1 - Who are Dolls in Amber?

KT and Micha are forced to introduce themeselves...

Video 2 - What makes a good collaborator? 

KT and Micha discuss the essentials for good collaboration

Writers Lunches


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