All the things we're up to and all the things you can get involved with!

From visual learning, to competitions, to call outs, this is where you'll find all things interactive!

Dolls in Amber cares deeply about the mental health of all the people we work with, and it is something that is consistently at the forefront of our minds. Due to that, we have created our promise to you and those we work with. 

Click Here for our Mental Health Promise


We ran a very exciting artwork competition in May 2020 looking for new artwork for our Offie Nominated show

'Villain, Interrupted'.


Writers Lunches 


We're running monthly 'Writers Lunches' to read and discuss work in an open, fun and non-judgmental environment.

4-5 writers will bring 10 minute shorts/ excerpts (any genre for stage, screen or other!) which actors will read through before a group discussion/ feedback session.

We'd love to invite any writers, directors, dramaturgs or actors to get involved, drop us a DM or an email if you'd like to be included.  Our first session is on 7th June and in the spirit of creating a positive feedback loop we'll be assigning slots in future sessions to those who've attended and given feedback on other's work.

After we're all allowed out we'll go back to organising an actual lunch, but for now let's gather online with a glass of wine and chat about our stories! 

Email us at info@dollsinamber.co.uk if you'd like to get involved!


Video 1 - Who are Dolls in Amber?

Video 2 - What makes a good collaborator? 


KT and Micha are forced to introduce themeselves...

KT and Micha discuss the essentials for good collaboration