Dolls in Amber

Calling all Artists, Doodlers, Cartoonists, People Who Are Handy with A Pencil or a paintbrush! we need you! 

Bored at home? Got art skills going unused? Need somewhere to channel your creative passions and got a pencil/paintbrush/computer-stylus-art-stick handy? 

Then we invite you to Draw Us Some Supervillains!

Over the month of May DiA is running a competition to find the most mad, fun and wacky renditions of original supervillains - think outside the box! See some of our original artwork here and go wild with your own versions!

First prize will be a paid commission to create art for our next run, but we’re also hoping everyone can have a little fun being creative and sharing their art using #VillainInterruptedArt

Send your completed artwork to by May 31st 2020 or tag us on  Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using #VillainInterruptedArt

(Open to all ages, any medium, any style, anywhere in the world.) 


Pick one of our villains or create your own

(If the latter, must be complete with suitably villainous name)

Ink Lord: Male, raging daddy issues, gay, can bring art to life with his hands. Loves glitter.

King Cobra: Female, half snake, poisonous fangs and hypnotic eyes. Drug Lord (Lady?) - and pretty damn good at it.

Lady Injustice: Two college kids fused into one body.

Charlie: white, male, rich, got a Range Rover for his 18th.

Xanthie: Female, working class, is so done with Charlie.


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